Subject RE: [IBO] Looking for TIB_Import
Author Norman Dunbar
This might explain the missing TIB_Import component - I found this at the
weekend because D6 has it, but C++ Builder 4 doesn't and I thought maybe I'd
messed it all up myself. The following is taken from IB_ToolsReg.pas and
clearly excludes TIB_Import is using Delphi 4 and below (or C++ Builder 4
and below).


Checking the source code in IB_Import.pas has a comment which states that it
is suitable for Delphi 2/3/4 (and presumably C++ too) but having said that,
it still has a check for VCL40 or greater in it :

if SectionExists('FIELDLIST') then

However, I've modified the IB_ToolsReg.pas file as follows :

Change this :


To this :


Then in Procedure register, change this :


To this :


In the IDE, Delphi or CPPB, Build the package IBO40TRT then build and
install IBO40TDT and voila, a TIB_Import appears on the tools component
Beware, I haven't tried this component out yet, so I haven't sent the source
to Jason for a possible future inclusion in IBO, but if someone out there
has a need to try it out, then let me know how you get on.



PS. I helps a lot if you save the IB_ToolsReg.pas file in DOS mode and not
in Unix mode (my editor default) because it stops the 'line > 1023
characters at line 1' type error messages :o)

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