Subject Re: [IBO] How to react on a DMLCache-Update
Author John Peterson
Hi again Guido,
There are 2 events here. Interbase events, and delphi events. I think this
is where the confusion is coming from.
IB events are generated in SP's or Triggers on the server by the SQL:
This would normally be in the After Insert trigger.

For your Client application to catch this, you need to have an IB_EVENTS
component (along with connection etc), which has its "Events" property set

You then set the IB_EVENTS OnEventAlert (DELPHI event) to Execute whatever
code you need.
(Usually query the server for the change that took place)

I have a simple app which listens for an IB Event and displays a dialog when
it happens, please email me if you would like it.

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Subject: Re: [IBO] How to react on a DMLCache-Update

> I know how DML Caching work, that's not what I want to know. I give an
> a simple app with a grid, which displays the data of a table. User A and
user B
> start the app. User A changes a record and user B sees the changes in his
> via DML Caching without refreshing his grid. This means the grid of user B
> knows, that it has to refresh the record. And exactly this event is what
> looking for. I tried all events of TIB_DataLink, but none fires.
> I have a scheduler-control, that displays the activities of all users.
When user
> A changes a activity, user B should see the changed record exactly like in
> TIB_Grid. So I have to know, when there has been a change of the data, but
> haven't found the event.
> Guido
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