Subject Re: [IBO] IBO / Office question
Author Russell Belding
Hello Nico

Lets call the things you want to store WTs for MS Word tables and other Word
Things. You want WTs to behave lke they do in MS-Word not just with
truncated behaviour as tables do in RTF editors.

I think of your problem in three parts: storing, retrieving & arranging, and
presenting. If you use RTF components you cannot do everything with WTs you
do in MSWord. You must use MS Word (or equivalent) to arrange tables
automatically as you do in MSWord. You can store WTs in many databases such
as Paradox and Firebird. You can present the final document in MSWord or
Report Builder. But you need MSWord for interim rearranging and formatting.

If you can persuade your client to accept an RTF solution with its limited
manipulation of tables you have a less expensive task.

If you must have MSWord you can write macros in word to retrieve Word
Documents from databases. I have examples of this.Contact me privately if
you want to.

I hope I have correctly interpreted your question.



""Nico Callewaert"" <nico-callewaert@...> wrote in message
> Hi List,
> I have a big problem. It's not really a IBO related question,
but I don't know where else to ask. My user wants a apllication to store
"text", but not just text, formatted text, like MS-Word, I've made something
like that with a TIB_RichEdit component, he had the possibilities to set
text bold, italic, underline, colors and things like that. but now he's
asking to insert tables like in Word, and that the tables automatically
resizes when text is getting too long, all in that TIB_RichEdit field. The
whole thing is used to make quotations, where we have a table with the
header, and a detail table where the text is saved. I just answered that a
office application isn't the same as a database application. Just like you
can't use Excel to make a database with. But of cours
> e he's expecting a solution, what should I do ?
> Please help me, I'm drowning :-))))
> Thanks,
> Nico Callewaert
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