Subject Re: [IBO] Mainly SQL help needed
Author Artur Anjos
Hi John

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From: John Hart
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 11:58 AM
Subject: [IBO] Mainly SQL help needed

> 1) I want to extract data from an MSSQL 2000 batabase and load it into
Interbase, it is very very slow
> about 10 records a second. Currently I use a Findnext loop (BDE) and in
the loop Insert/Post to interbase
> (IBO).
Many options here. May I suggest to use a IB_DSQL to to this? Take care
about transactions (you should commit after xxx posts). But see below first.

> 2) How do I check, in Delphi, if a table or trigger etc exists.
> 3) How do I assign the result of 'Select count(*) from Student' to a
Delphi variable.
> 4) How do I obtain the date from the 'Datepick' component.
> I borrowed three SQL manuals from the Uni library but they did not have
the answer.

And these are mainly Delphi questions, not IBO questions. You must get a
Delphi manual first. Can I suggest that you get a copy of the IBO Getting
Started Guide? Sorry about now answering you and sending you to tha manuals,
but these are very basic delphi questions.