Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and DevExpress
Author Nando Dessena

> Does IBO works with DevExpress libraries, specially QuantumGrid?

the TDataSet-comaptible components work perfetly with the QuantumGrid,
but be aware that that grid has the potential to bring every
connectivity package to its knees, especially if you use it in
LoadAllRecors mode (which is required for almost all the advanced

Using a buffered dataset with a QuantumGrid in LoadAllRecords mode will
double the required memory, take more time to download the data and fire
an enormous amount of dataset events (like AfterScroll) in the process.

In addition, QuantumGrid features like Excel-style filtering and
grouping are executed in memory and substantially defeat IBO's smart
filtering/locating which is much more Client/server friendly.

On the other hand, the QuantumGrid has a nice look and feel. ;-)