Subject Re: [IBO] Cannot find GDS32.dll problem
Author Daniel Rail
At 21/02/2002 05:02 PM, you wrote:
>I get this message on a client Win95 machine when I run IB_SQL and
>try to connect. I've made sure the gds32.dll is in the same
>directory as IB_SQL, and also put it in c:\windows. I noticed that
>the client's PC did not have notepad installed, I copied it in, and
>it complained that the comctl ddl was missing. Is that dll required
>by IB_SQL?

Put the gds32.dll in the Windows\System directory. ComCtl.dll is pretty
much a system file, but for Windows 95 it should be
ComCtl32.dll(ComCtl31.dll is for backwards compatibility). Also, if it's
not done yet, get your hands on DCOM95 version 1.3 from Microsoft and
install it, this sometimes fixes some errors. But, I'm not sure in your
case, but it's worth a try.

Also, from where did you get Notepad to install on that system. If it's
from a newer version of Windows, this could be related to your ComCtl.dll

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