Subject Re: [IBO] Clientdataset
Author Sandeep
On 21 Feb 2002, at 20:57, Helen Borrie (TeamIBO) wrote:

> At 08:49 AM 21-02-02 +1300, you wrote:
> >TClientDataset that comes with delphi doesn't supports largeints
> >properly. Will there be a IBO version of TClientDataset which
> >supports it properly?
> Since TClientDataset is designed to isolate sets of data from the server, it seems pretty unlikely that IBO would have any use for a TClientDataset workalike.
It gives better control over transactions if one decides to handle all

> Do you know why (or in what way) TClientDataset fails with largeints? I haven't inspected its source, but do you have the option to inherit a custom component that does what you want TClientDataset to do?
I think it fails because it interprets numeric (18, 0) as
TFMTBCDField (or whatever it is) instead of TLargeInt.

> You might like to look at what Borland have done in the Delphi6 Upgrade 2, to see if any of the bugfixes there solve it for you:

No they still haven't fixed it. I complained to them and all I got was
a workaround (was never happy with that), but it still failed while
doing setrange, findkey etc.



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