Subject Re: [IBO] Repost: No current record for fetch operation with join upon SP
Author Lele Gaifax
>>>>> On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:32:46 -0000, "mmenaz" <mmenaz@...> said:

m> Sorry for the repost, but I do really need a solution/address
m> for this problem... FB RC2, IBO Fr, Win2000sp1 I've a query
m> with a join upon a stored procedure. Everything is ok since the
m> result set is not empty. If the condition of the where clause
m> is so that an empty result set would be returned, the following
m> error appears: ISC ERROR CODE:335544348 no current record for
m> fetch operation

Hi Marco,

I note that I'm using a different idiom when joining a SP that is
implicitly linked with the params. In that case, I use

FROM table
JOIN ...
LEFT JOIN TheSP (table.ID, ...) ON 1=1

this usually produce also a better PLAN for me. I do not know if this
fits your case, but I've been already hitted by that mesg, and after
some research I found that the culprit what a INNER JOIN on a
SP... Apparently IB/FB was trying to begin its work starting from the
procedure, instead from the other way around.

hth, ciao,
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