Subject Re: [IBO] Generators and Triggers
Author Daniel Rail
To achieve what you are looking for, use the GeneratorLinks. The trigger
is mainly if an insert is performed more directly or by other means. Since
IBO has GeneratorLinks, use it, it's simpler. But, don't forget to have a
trigger as well, as long that you check if the value is NULL before
retrieving the new generator value. Also, setting Generators is done
outside of the transaction.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
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At 16/02/2002 04:28 PM, you wrote:
>I have an app that is working fine. There is a trigger that uses a
>generator to set the key field automatically on insert of a new record. The
>problem is that when posting the record is done then the user is no longer
>on the record they just entered. The record is now at the "bottom" since it
>used the next higher key value. Is there any way to keep the user on the
>same record? It would probably work if I used the generatorlinks but that
>seems to defeat the purpose of letting the database do it.