Subject Re: [IBO] blank edit mask for date fields
( Third time lucky? first two bounced at BTInternet )

> 2. Editmasks can causes problems in the VCL TDBEdit control
> because TDateTimeField.SetAsString does not check for an empty mask,
> but instead tries to translates ' / / ' into a date.
> I dont think the first one is much of a problem, or certainly not
> urgent. That issue only became apparent because of the second
> problem (for which one work around may have been to disable the
> editmask).

I think in the past I detected that 'OnExit' and changed it
to '31/12/1899' ( date = 0 ). I use calendar drop down now
for all date input so it's a while since I had to handle it
- I probably changed because of similar problems <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services