Subject Re: [IBO] TIB vs. TIBO
Author Daniel Rail
At 15/02/2002 12:20 PM, you wrote:
>My programming environment is Delphi 6 on Microsoft Windows 2000 with
>IB Objects and Firebird 1.0 RC2. Should I be using TIB controls or
>TIBO controls?

It depends on what visual components you are planning on using. With TIB_
controls, you can only use the visual controls that come with IBO, because
TIB_ components are not TDataset descendants. With TIBO controls, you can
only use the Delphi data-aware components(or any 3rd party that supports
TDataset descendants). I use both depending what my needs are and I do use
both sets in one application. Work with what you are comfortable with and
use the tools that suits the job at hand.

>Is there a website that lists the pros and cons of TIB
>and TIBO controls?

Not really.

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