Subject Re: [IBO] blank edit mask for date fields
Author Geoff Worboys (TeamIBO)
>> I am guessing that you are using a dialect 3 database, with a
>> fieldtype of DATE. If you were using a field type of TIMESTAMP I dont
>> think you would see this problem.

> Well guessed!

The code does not lie :-)

>> A work around for this may be to define an explicit mask of
>> 'ccccccccccccccccc' (or similar).

> That's what I was thinking. In our components we've already written
> some date handling routines so I think I can at least get it into a
> "workable" state.

> We will be going to TIB_Edit probably later this year.

Actually the problem applies to TIB_Edit as well I think (although my
TIB_EditEnh has a more effective work around for the problem). So
this is still a problem that we have to fix.

Side Note: I have a neat date handling routine in the utility unit of
my Enhanced Components - it allows input of dates in almost free form
text. The rest of the library may not be much use to you yet, since I
have not written TDataset variations.

Riho-Rene, in your dialect 1 database DATE is the same as dialect 3
TIMESTAMP. I think you would see this problem if you supplied an
IB_NOTIME attribute to the columnattributes for one of your date
columns. Since TIB_Date does not support time you have not needed
to do this so far - thats my guess anyway, I could be wrong in the
detail as I have yet to setup a demo and prove the situation.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing