Subject [IBO] saving atomic data :)
Author Duilio Foschi
Dear Helen,

>If you have the Mastersource and MasterLinks set up properly, this is
>done for you. IBO posts the master record first and performs a
>CommitRetaining on the master table.

I guess that Mastersource and MasterLinks values are ok (else would the
master/detail form work as expected ?), but I cannot see the behaviour you
explain (even w/o the changes I explain below).

As a bottom line, I can easily insert orphaned master records.

>I think your enforcement test should be on the detail dataset

I decided to solve the problem in this way:

1. when a master record is inserted, a new detail record is inserted as well

2. when the master record is deleted, all the detail records are deleted

3. before a detail record is deleted, all the detail records are counted.
If it results that the current record is the last record, the delete is

Thank you

Duilio Foschi