Subject Re: [IBO] one or more connections: which is better ?
Author TeamIBO
> is it advisable to have only 1 connection (open all the time +
> several different transactions) inside 1 application ?

> Or is it better to have several connections that are opened and
> closed with the forms they belong ?

> (Or does it make no difference ?)

I think there are additional overheads at the server for every
additional connection. So keeping the number of connections down is

In addition, multiple connections to the same database just makes
application maintenance more difficult - since there is a great deal
of configuration possible on the TIB_Connection component itself.

You do need separate connections if you are multi-threading (along
with separate TIB_Session).

You can use the TIB_ConnectionSource component on a form to respond to
connection events etc in a manner that is centralised to each form.
See the various sample applications and IBO dialogs that use the
IBF_Base form.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing