Subject Re: [IBO] Moving Cell in TIB_grid
Author TeamIBO

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> I want to move to another cell with enter button. ( like infopower
> dgEnterToTab features on KeyOption prop --TwwDBGrids-- )

> How to move cell in the right cell with Enter button ?

My first comment to anyone wanting to use enter for navigation is
please dont. This is enforcing bad-habits for Windows interaction
and the users will be constantly getting into trouble by accidently
closing dialogs by pressing enter (when what they really wanted to do
was tab to the next control).

However, on the understanding that some users know just enough to get
themselves into trouble and so will insist that you have this

This facility is not built into IB_Grid, so you will have to program
it using event handlers attached to KeyPress. If you find that the
grid seems to be swallowing the enter key before you get to see it, (I
know it swallows the F2 key), you may need to use an Action
definition. (There is a post about this in the last couple of days,
subject "tib_grid and function keys".)

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing