Subject Re: [IBO] KeyLinks and KeyLinksAutoDefine
Author Martijn Tonies
> >> If there is no primary key on a table, you'll see DB_KEY in the select
> >list...
> >
> >The problem comes when I select a (single) column _without_ selecting the
> >primary key column -> this will result in an 'invalid keylinks entry'
> >
> >> as to why - no doubt it is to provide a unique row reference.
> >
> >I understand that :) ... I would also like the DB_KEY in there when the
> >above happens...
> Well, type it in yourself (or have your code add it).

Is it really that simple? Or can it only be done on single-table selects?

How about UNIONs? I thought IBO detected this kind of stuff and
used DB_KEY where appropriate..

> But AFAIK the primary key doesn't have to be in the output set in order to
use it as your KeyLinks; but KeyLinksAutoDefine of course won't work here.

Great, but auto-key links is pretty much the easiest way to get the job
done... :) ... And as said above, I thought things were handled by IBO if
'request live' was set to True... Seems not to be the case...

Martijn Tonies
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