Subject Re: [IBO] Trying to report using QuickReport and IBOQuery
Author Enrique Cereijo
At 09:41 08/02/2002 +1100, you wrote:
>One thing I do recall is that the QR that shipped with the original Delphi
>4 distro would always AV if you tried to print the report from the preview
>screen (or allowed your user to do that from within an
>application). However, it worked fine if you called Print from your
>application. This weirdy is a new one on me. It will be fascinating to
>find the answer.

Thanks Helen; the solution came from Lucas Franzen who happened to remember
that there was a problem in W2000 with the TEMP-PATH variable. Simply
changing it to c:\temp everything is going fine.

By the way, probably I didn't explain myself well; when I said that the
file was named "three little boxes", I really ment  ....

>Does it happen only with this report, or with any report? Have you
>installed any add-ons like freeware components or tools to modify the IDE?

Enrique Cereijo