Subject Re: [IBO] IBO x DbChart
Author TeamIBO
> I Try to use DbChart with IBODateset.
> But the chart does not work!
> Show always empty.

> Any idea?

More Information Please:

The following is a template response - setup to save time.
It is possible that not all aspects of this template apply to your
question. But you should be able to get the general idea.

More information is required before a meaningful response can be
provided. Please try to exlain the problem in more detail and provide
all the information that is relevant to problem isolation.
For example...

* IBO version, Delphi/BCB version, IB/FB version, Operating System?

* SQL and property details applicable to the problem?

* Did the setup used to work, if so under what circumstances,
what changed?

* If not getting the result you expected, what did you expect?

* If receiving an exception the callstack that occurs for that
exception is often useful.

* Make the sure actual components involved are clear. For example;
are you using TIB_Query or TIBOQuery.

* It is often worthwhile checking the online help for the properties
involved, and also the FAQ and TechSheets available from the IBO

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing