Subject Re: [IBO] Trying to report using QuickReport and IBOQuery
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 04:10 PM 06-02-02 +0000, you wrote:
>I am stuck again. I have a little application on Interbase 5,
>IB_Object 4.2 Fn and Delphi 4 C/S. I have a simple report of a table
>using an IBOQuery for feeding QuickReport.
>The aplication is working in a "minimal" network; only two PC's linked
>directly with ethernet cards, with no hub.
>If I use the application using TIBODatabase.Protocol cpTCP_IP, the
>report works fine. However, if I use cpLocal

Aside from anything else, you can't use cpLocal for networked connections. It works only for a client that is physically located on the same machine as the db server. Use cpTCP_IP and define a HOSTS entry for the server on both clients. (Where you find the HOSTS file depends on the platform the client is running on - inform us and ask...) In the TCP/IP setup, make the server host machine poll out with the IP address The other client should identify itself as but the client IP address doesn't matter to FB/IB as long as the client knows how to find the host.

Once you have the TCP/IP stuff set up on the two machines, test the connection by pinging each from the other.

>I receive an error
>"Raised exception class EFCreateError with message 'Cannot create
>file...' ", and three little boxes as the name of the file.

That's a platform-level error - the client app is somehow asking the server OS for permission to create a file and the OS can't create it for some reason, e.g. can't find the specified path, or the file already exists, or the other client already has a file handle for it, or the client doesn't have file permissions or ..... ????

>Can anybody help me?

Provide more information...platform & paths would be a good place to start.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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