Subject Re: [IBO] AutoFetchFirst ?!
Author TeamIBO
> Are there situations where a query has a MasterSource, but
> AutoFetchFirst must be false? Could the query not act as though
> AutoFetchFirst were true if it has a MasterSource?

> If not - then the grid must make sure that the row showing an active
> lookup combo is also the current row of the dataset. Currently it
> can occur that there is an active combo which has no data because
> its row is not the current row of the query. This happens only when
> AutoFetchFirst is false.

OK, I did some playing around and I can see what happens to the
lookupcombo when AutoFetchFirst is false. However the problem is not
with LookupCombo only. Set AlwaysShowEditor to true and sit the focus
on any other cell and it will show blank after the master scroll as
well. A bit strange, and worth knowing about for future reference.

My query/comment is whether this is a problem worth even chasing down.
If you have a grid it is going to retrieve whatever records it needs
to fill the grid. I can not imagine any reason for wanting
AutoFetchFirst to be turned off in this situation.

Its definitely worth documenting as a known issue, but unless someone
has a reason why AutoFetchFirst needs to be false in such a situation
I think it can go at the end of the to do list.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing