Subject Re: [IBO] IBOStoredProcedure x IB_StoredProcedure
Author clementdoss
Hi Geoff

> What version of Delphi/BCB?

Delphi 5.01, Win2k Pro Sp2

I am unable to display a list of procedures using IBOStoredProcedure.
I just thought to use IBO component because I am porting a lot of
forms from older paradox and SQL Server 6.5/7 to Firebird.
I don´t want to mess with the interface layer yet, that´s why I am
using TDataset descendants.
I just wasn´t expected this behaviour from IBOStoredProcedure.
Anyway, I will try to see if I can spot something with it, I must be
doing something wrong. Meanwhile I will use IB_StoredProcedure.