Subject Re: [IBO] 2 questions
Author TeamIBO
More detailed info would be helpful - when you say "tables" are you
talking about TIBOTable, TIB_Query or what?

> 1 - When should a table be refreshed. It seems to me that sometimes
> I add, update, or delete records and the effect is immediate, other
> times it doesn't show until after a refresh. Is there some criteria
> as to when a table should be refreshed ?

Individual queries/tables etc know about changes that you have
specifically input. They may need to be refreshed from the database
if triggers change any of the fields (see BufferSyncroFlags property).

If changes occur outside the query you may need to explicitly perform
refreshes to pickup on such changes. Or you can investigate the DML
Caching options available with the native IBO components. See online
help, tutorials etc.

> 2 - I use a lot of master/detail tables. Since I don't want the data
> aware controls to scroll when I scan the database I used readblock
> size in the BDE to prevent this since disablecontrols does not have
> the desired effect on master/detail tables. Is there some eay to
> accomplish this using IBO.

When scanning TIB_Query you can use Buffer* properties to avoid
altering the selected row. Alternatively you can try the
DisableInterface/EnableInterface methods of TIB_DataSource - again
applicable to native stuff.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing