Subject Re: [IBO] RowsAffected
Author TeamIBO
> I'm using FBRC2 and when I insert a record in a view the
> RowsAffected is 2 which is incorrect and Causes an Exception.

> When I run the same query in IBConsole I get Insert Count 1. I
> think something is wrong in IBO.

> Any workarounds for Version 4.2Fn?

There was a recent thread on this subject in the IB_Support list.

IBConsole is successful because it is not checking the returned
RowsAffected - which is potentially dangerous because you can end up
with minor coding errors having unexpected impacts.

Jason coded IBO to be more careful - but the result is this problem
with views. Jason is aware of the issue (participated in the
discussions in IB_Support) but I dont know when or what he intends to
do about it. (I personally dont want him to disable the check feature
in all instances, but presumably something does need to be done for

At the moment I think the only around this is to perform the
insert/edit via a stored procedure.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing