Subject Re: [IBO] coding question
Author TeamIBO
> I learned the other day that post <> commit (thanks Helen)
> if I have a IBODatabase set to Autocommit = true and I post a record
> is the command datamodule.IBODatabase1.commit needed?

No, AutoCommit does an implicit commit.

AutoCommit is generally something to be avoided. There are some few
instances where it is convenient (for example as a transaction behind
an application logging mechanism), but more often than not you should
(as a matter of good practise) take control of your transactions.

To this end I strong suggest that you experiment with some of the
transaction tutorials that come with IBO, that you check out the tech
sheets available on the ibo website.

If you do this you can save us repeating ourselves.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing