Subject Re: [IBO] add/modify users
Author TeamIBO
> I would like my client to add/modify users of the firebird database
> I am connected to, I read in the IBO faq that the best way to do
> that is to have a program on the server update the user database
> based on another table. Now the problem is : can this be done by
> triggers that have sysdba rights (don't know if it's possible to
> give triggers rights) or what form should such a program take?

Indeed it is often critical to give triggers rights. See the
IB6 documentation, Language Reference - "GRANT" statement for details.

I am not sure that faq item you are referring to. It is possible to
maintain user information directly using the AlterUser method of

The reason why you may need some server based service is if you also
want to alter the rights of such people over the particular database.
IBs implementation of privileges (GRANT/REVOKE) is setup so that every
issue of a grant is owned by the person that executes the grant - this
is often undesireable as it can make things quite difficult to
maintain later.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing