Subject Re: [IBO] Getting tib_query properties
Author TeamIBO
> How do you get the DefaultDisplayWidth and the data type for a field
> in a tib_query? I've had no success. Thanks in advance.

Check the online help for TIB_Column (IBOs version of TField). It has
properties such as...

DisplayWidth - the defined column display width
DefaultWidth - the default width based on column type

SQLType - a smallint representing the base SQL data type
(see: SQL_VARYING and other constants in IB_Header for
details of the possible values).

SQLTypeSource - a string representation of the base SQL data type

DomainName - should be obvious

And if you want TIB_Query properties then obviously you search
for TIB_Query in the online help - but dont forget to check the base
classes for the methods etc defined in those (should be displayed
below the the list of other properties).

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing