Subject Re: Please. A solution with TRANSACTIONS for this problem
Author pepmallorca
In first place, Luciano you're ok, I created another time the
IB_Connection and the IB_Transaction, complete the properties and it

Then I have a button for:
* Commit: CommitRetaining and another for
* Rollback: Rollback retaining

The problem of a continuos write to disk is present (you can see this
when the table is empty, and it needs create the 100.000 records for
example, and in some cases when you have the UPDATEs). It's a
continuous write (for example with CACHE-UPDATE you don't have this

Another problem is, if I want insert the 100.000 records and after I
have the rollback retaining. The database has increased in 8MB
(commit or not commit => 8MB)

Aage !!, Your idea is not bad (I'll test it), but the pair INSERT-
UPDATE I think is very fast, the problem will be the writes to the
disk another time (and now the 8MB is possibly will be 22MB or

Otherwise, I'll try it !!

Someone knows how avoid this writes? Disabling forced writes?
Problems with the sweep interval????


--- In IBObjects@y..., Aage Johansen <aagjohan@o...> wrote:
> You wrote:
> > ...
> > I wan't to do a program that stores in a table all the words of a
> > document and the number of ocurrences of each word.
> > ...
> Start with a table with just one column: NAME. Insert all words
into the
> table. When you're finished do a
> select NAME, count(*)
> from TheTable
> group by NAME
> You will now a result set that you can show in the grid (and you
can insert
> directly into you TEST table).
> Sorry, nothing about transactions. But I think it solves the speed
> Regards,
> Aage J.