Subject Re: [IBO] Generator Question
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:29 PM 31-01-02 +0000, you wrote:
>I created this generator using the DSQL through the connection as
>create generator RCRECEIPTNO_GEN (this is just like the example in
>the data definition guide)
>I have tried different case such as RCReceiptNo_GEN or
>rcreceiptno_gen and any other cominbination I can think of. When I
>look at the list of generators it shows as all caps.
>I am saving the value of the generator into a field in my setup
>record and I set that field up as a numeric because the data
>definition guide says the column that holds the generated value must
>be defined as numeric or decimal.

Where does it say that? I'd be interested to know the reference, since it is incorrect.

A column that is to hold the generated value should be defined as either INTEGER or (Dialect 3 only) NUMERIC(18,0), which is a 64-bit integer type.

>How do you query the system tables? Or where can I look for
>directions on how to query the system tables?

In the Language Reference manual (LangRef.pdf), in the chapter entitled "System Tables and Views".

To get the list of all the generator names:


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