Subject Re: [IBO] HDR and SQLWhereItems
Author Jason Wharton
Not yet.
It is in my list of things to work on.

Jason Wharton
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Sent: Friday, November 29, 2002 2:38 AM
Subject: [IBO] HDR and SQLWhereItems

> Hi
> A long time ago there was a discussion about HDR (automatically disabled
> with SQLWhereItems). Jason proposed several solutions:
> >At this point, one thing to consider as a possible solution is to make it
> >that there is an alternative SQLWhereItems property that can be added to
> >which will not flip off the HDR mechanisms. You may not know it but there
> >are three different internal SQLWhere<priority> lists for query refining
> >criteria to be added to. They are SQLWhereHigh, SQLWhereLow and
> >SQLWhereItems (medium). In other words, there are internal things I
> >to be considered above and below the ones the user provided. (This mostly
> >has to do with forcing things so I can make assumptions about where input
> >parameters are in the SQL statement, not because I think I'm going to
> >the performance/optimization of the query any.) I can add another
> >SQLWhere<something>Items property that will not turn off the HDR.
> >
> >Another possibility would be to add a method and make it the standard and
> >proper way to populate items into the SQLWhereItems queue. The method
> >have with it a flags parameter that would describe how the criteria
> >be considered. Whether or not it is a major refinement to the records of
> >dataset or just a minor one. Meaning some criteria would be used to get a
> >few records at a maximum (therefore using HDR would be
> >and in other instances it might be something like reducing a large
> >by only a few records (therefore it would still be desirable to use HDR).
> >think I prefer this approach because we can add additional flags as
> >necessary.
> >I need to add a property something to the affect of:
> >
> >HDRMode: hdrmAuto, hdrmAlways, hdrmNever
> Was one of these solutions realized?
> lg
> Oliver