Subject Re: [IBO] Re: How to get data into a table
Author Florian Hector
> You can't CHANGE :BookAuthor or :BuyDate in this situation
> as you may change the selection results - especially is
> AutoRefresh on Parameter Change is ON.
> I would suggest that either you insert a record direct, or
> alternatively change :BuyDate to :BuyXXX so that you can use

This makes sense, I have changed it to another name.

But maybe I explain a little bit better:
I already have a master detail relation between the two tables with a
datasource in between, just like explained in the IBO Getting Started Help
file. The connection between the two tables is defined in the MasterLink
property like this: tabDetail.KeyID=tabMaster.KeyID.
So far, everything is fine and works. But now, the portion of the detail
table I want to show does not only depend on the master but also on a date
which the user defines with a DateTimePicker. When I define my select
statement like this: "select ..... from table where BuyDate=:Datum" and the
master connection by using the MasterLink property, I CAN set the parameter
Datum in the OnChange Event of the DTP with
"Query.ParamByName('Datum').AsString :=DateToStr(dtpBestellDatum.Date)". The
detail then shows exactely what I want.
I think my problem is that I still think too much with IBX in my mind, I
really don't have a clue yet where to set what in IBO. For example, is there
a place where I can verify how the select query is being put together from
all the different bits in different places?