Subject Re: How to get data into a table
Author Marco Menardi
My best advice is to buy Getting Started Guide (GSG) from IBObject official site. It covers the basic functionality of IBO, and it's a "must have" if you are a serious developer :)
FOr your specific problem, you have to do a "maste-detail" setup between the two queries. See GSG or the samples that come with IBO.

--- In IBObjects@y..., "pizzateig2002" <FHector@w...> wrote:
> Thanks Marco and Eric,
> but how can I access fields which aren't fields but parameter, e.g. I
> have a select statement like this:
> Select B.BookID, P.BookPub, A.BookAuthor, B.BuyDate from tabBooks B
> join tabPub P on tabBooks.PubID=tabPub.PubID join tabAuthors on
> tabBooks.AuthorID=tabAuthors.AuthorID where BookAuthor=:BookAuthor
> and BuyDate=:BuyDate
> The table Books is the detail table of the authors table, so whatever
> is shown in my detail table depends on the author shown in the master
> table, so far not a problem, but how comes the date into play now?
> The example with the books and the select query I just made up, so
> don't try to read too much into it. My actual tables are somewhat
> more complicated but the problem remains the same.
> Florian