Subject RE: [IBO] Precision and Size of TBCDFields
Author Daniel Rail
At 28/10/2002 03:52 PM, you wrote:

>I have tried to change the size field of the TBCDFields found in the
>TIBOQuery. The minute the dataset is opened, the Size is reset to 8.
>Do you see a way around the problem? I can illustrate it in a small
>program that can be placed on my website.

What version of Delphi are you using? I checked and noticed that the Size
property is set to 2 and the precision is set to 0, and I too have
Numeric(18,2). And, I can see the data without any problems. I would
suggest to give it a try and if you really have problems working with those
fields, then post the problems on the group. You might have a pleasant
surprise and everything works as expected, even if the properties are not
the same as in IBX.

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