Subject Re: [IBO] Meaning of: "Make a form transaction aware."
Author Jason Wharton
You may want to bring up a form in an existing transaction context or have
it be given its own. Thus, setting all data aware components to get their
transaction from a TIB_TransactionSource gives you this element of control.

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Meaning of: "Make a form transaction aware."

> Robbi wrote:
> >
> > > In order to make use of these components on each form, is it necessary
> > connect
> > > IB_ConnectionSource to an IB_Connection (and correspondingly connect
> > > IB_TransactionSource to an IB_Transaction)?
> >
> > Raymond,
> >
> > I can't imagine that you need it on every form. Why do you want to place
> > on every form while you don't know what these components are for?
> My intention was to know if in order to use it, one must connect it on
each form that it
> is placed on.
> These appear in all of the sample applications, but have no connection on
any of the
> forms. Since these are used to help people learn how to use IBObjects, I
assumed they
> would be doing something.
> Alas, they do nothing and confuse the beginner (me) no end and waste time.
As well, I have
> found no documentation that explains their use to a degree that avoids
> > And yes, you have to select a connection component or a transacion
> > component. in the Object Inspector.
> >
> > Robbi
> Thank you.
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