Subject Re: [IBO] Cursors losing buffer after insert
Author paulfilmer
Thanks Helen... I was originally thinking along those lines, however
it begs the question:

If I open a record in a cursor, and EDIT it, post it, and look at the
data again (fieldbyname), I see that my record is still there and the
changes have been made.

What do you think would be happening here to allow this data to be


--- In IBObjects@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> There is no dataset buffer where the app could store the new row.
There is
> only the "current row" buffer which, depending on the setting of
> will be positioned at either the first or the last row because you
> Open() instead of First(). For a singleton select it doesn't make
> difference. The row buffer contains only the single row brought
> from the server and nothing has happened to the row buffer to
change it.