Subject Re: [IBO] Meaning of: "Make a form transaction aware."
Author Raymond Kennington
Robbi wrote:
> > In order to make use of these components on each form, is it necessary to
> connect
> > IB_ConnectionSource to an IB_Connection (and correspondingly connect an
> > IB_TransactionSource to an IB_Transaction)?
> Raymond,
> I can't imagine that you need it on every form. Why do you want to place it
> on every form while you don't know what these components are for?

My intention was to know if in order to use it, one must connect it on each form that it
is placed on.

These appear in all of the sample applications, but have no connection on any of the
forms. Since these are used to help people learn how to use IBObjects, I assumed they
would be doing something.

Alas, they do nothing and confuse the beginner (me) no end and waste time. As well, I have
found no documentation that explains their use to a degree that avoids frustration.

> And yes, you have to select a connection component or a transacion
> component. in the Object Inspector.
> Robbi

Thank you.

Raymond Kennington
Programming Solutions
W2W Team B