Subject Re: [IBO] 'Transaction has pending changes'
Author Jason Wharton
Mixing direct updates and cached updates is not healthy. IF when you are
doing cached updates stuff and an edit has been executed on the server there
is a conflict of interest. In order to use cached updates you must be able
to do a rollback,, but if there are already changes submitted to the server
via that same transaction you would risk losing them. So, I have decided not
to allow the conflict by raising an exception.

The sample app probably needs a little bit of cleanup performed.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] 'Transaction has pending changes'

> In the Contact demo, making changes to more than one record and then
clicking on the
> ApplyUpdates button brings up a message 'Transaction has pending changes',
even though I
> had already posted the changes for each record.
> What is the different between Post and ApplyUpdates?
> Why doesn't ApplyUpdates apply updates to all changes in the table passed
as a parameter
> to the transaction?
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