Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Transaction in master detail
Author Raymond Kennington
Jason Wharton wrote:
> This isn't an issue of Commit, but rather posting order. You can PostRetain
> the master dataset so that it will remain in insert state and allow the
> detail to Post its insert. Behind the scenes IBO does an insert on the
> server for the master dataset and then when it actually does its post it
> will update the record. I think of it as allowing the master to do a stub
> insert and then when it is done it will complete the insert by updating the
> stub record with its final values. If the insert of the master is cancelled
> then the stub record is deleted.

Supposing, then, that there is a master table and a detail table and I want either the
master record and all its detail records either all posted or none posted in a single
transactional unit, is it possible to alter the Post behaviour of the Post button in the
UpdateBar connected to the master table to issue a PostRetain rather than a Post?

What is the standard way of using IBObjects to solve the single-unit transaction of a
master record and all its children?
Raymond Kennington
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