Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Event question
Author Luiz
To refresh the tables, you'd use IBO$DMLCache with tiib_syncursor approach
if you are working with native ibo components.

WaitForSingleObject is mainly used in thread apps and NT services, where the
thread can stay sleeping waiting for a event. When an event occur the thread
wake up, performs yours tasks and returns to sleep. IBO has a sample of how
to use it in IBS_Base.pas.

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Subject: [IBO] IB_Event question

> Hi,
> I use the OnEventAlert event of TIB_Events component
> to refresh my tables. This is the default TTimer based mechanism.
> I read in the help, that a WaitForSingleObject function can be used
> instead of the TTimer mechanism (with the call of CheckEvents method
> and OnWakeUp event), but I do not know how it works in practice.
> Please give me a short example.
> Can you tell me why is this method better (than the other one)?
> Regards
> FreeAdmin