Subject Re: [IBO] GSG099. TIB_SearchBar and TIB_SearchPanel/The Datamodule.
Author Raymond Kennington
Jason Wharton wrote:
> This has already been explained. KeyLinks settings are necessary for
> uniquely pulling a specific record from the server without the context of
> the query itself. That's the rule of thumb.

To see if I understand this, I claim that 2 items in the KeyLinks for the example can be
removed without a change in effect. Is this so?

This is the context of my question:

select p.productid, p.productname, pt.Description, pc.productcolorid, c.color
from product p
join producttype pt
on p.producttype=pt.producttype
join productcolor pc
on pc.productid=p.productid
join color c
on c.colorcode=pc.colorcode

The KeyLinks for this dataset look like this:


Therefore PRODUCTTYPE.DESCRIPTION and COLOR.COLOR can be removed from the KeyLinks as
DESCRIPTION and COLOR are not required to define the record uniquely?

Raymond Kennington
Programming Solutions
W2W Team B