Subject RE: [IBO] Inserting records / access privileges
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> >> Or 'A' for all.
> > Are you sure? I thought that a GRANT ALL ON MYTABLE TO MYUSER
> > creates 5 records in the RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES table, each of them
> > specifying the specific, granted operation (S, U, I, D, R).
> I think you are practically correct. But according to the
> documentation at least 'A' for all is an option. Also according to
> the documentation the full words would appear to be valid as well
> (up to 6 characters anyway).
> So to cover possible "fixes" later, or direct metadata updates by
> some external app, I would write my code to read a string and test
> the first character and I would check for 'A'.

Ah, probably right ;-), but you will not get any records back, if you
query the RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES table directly (as Frank has shown),
using 'A' for the value of the privilege column RDB$PRIVILEGE.

Anyway, it's offtopic here ;-).