Subject RE: [IBO] NT Service and TIB_Connection
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> I don't undestand your answer. Can you explain ?


> This is my situation:
> I am writing NT service (win2000). I use this code in my service:
> Var
> Ib:TIB_Connection;
> Begin
> Ib:=TIB_Connection.Create(nil);
> Ib.Path:='C:\aaa.gdb';
> Ib.Username:='SYSDBA';
> Ib.Password:='masterkey';
> Ib.Connected:=True;
> End;

Without specifying a server and using cpLocal as protocol, your are
connecting local to your database, which is currently the case.

Set the TIB_Connection.Server property to 'localhost' (without quotes)
and use cpTCP_IP as connection protocol (TIB_Connection.Protocol property)

Thomas Steinmaurer
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