Subject Re: [IBO] Help04. Nested SELECT statements in TIB_Query: PLANs
Author Lester Caine
> So is SQLPlan something that I read and not something that I enter?


I think that you may be going too deeply into IBO before
playing in ernest. I have been using IBO for a number of
years. I was put off the first time a tried, and wasted 6
months before coming back. 75% of the stuff you have been
posting qustions about I have never had to use. Get in and
do some real programming, and as Svein says, use IB_SQL to
check queries out before using them. One thing I find is
that it is a lot faster some times to use 'Master/Detail' in
the program, rather than playing with the complex stuff in
IBO to make a complex query work.

KISS ( Keep it simple silly )

Your efforts are appreciated, but the IBO list is really for
help once stuck somewhere in IBO itself, while SQL and
similar questions will get more replies in the ib-support
list as there are a lot more people using IB/FB with other
tools, or direct.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services