Subject Re: [IBO] adding a calculated field to a DBGrid
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:01 PM 14-10-02 +0000, you wrote:
>I use IBO3 with Delphi 3.
>I want to display item IDs and item descriptions in a DBGrid.
>This is easily done by constructing a TIB_Query with the following
>SQL string:
>'select cod_art, des_art from art order by des_art'
>A Datasource links the TIB_Query to a DBGrid and voila', ev works.
>Now the problem.
>I want to display the existing quantity QTY for every item, aside ID
>and description.
>But QTY is not a table field.
>QTY can only be dinamically calculated by a SP (whose name is Q_E)
>that accepts an item ID and the final date for the calculation.
>This beats me.
>How can I do that ?

I think there are a number of issues here but, overriding them all is - are
you really trying to use TIB_Query with TDatasource and TDBGrid, or was
that a typo? TIB_Query is not compatible with those other components.

It REALLY makes a difference which components you are using so please
repost your question providing exact details of your data access components
and grid control classes.