Subject Re: [IBO] Help06. Where is the info on "YES LIKE"?
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:26 PM 14-10-02 +0930, you wrote:
>Where is the info on "YES LIKE"?
>The topic pointed to by the Find tab's "Yes Like" entry is "KeyLinks
>There is nothing on "YES LIKE" therein.

WinHelp index searches do a FindNearest on individual words. It didn't
find anything with 'Y' so it searched backwards to the nearest entry to 'L'
which I guess was KeyLinks.

There is no 'YES LIKE' property. It is one of a set of possible values for
the ColumnAttributes property. Since you appear to own a copy of the GSG
<g>, you can find a lot more info about the TIB_Stringlist properties in
the Appendix of the GSG.