Subject Re: Auto-Incrementing Key Field
Author Eric Handbury
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jack Cane" <jwcane@e...> wrote:
> I have configured the key field as an auto-incementing integer. I
have it
> hooked to a tdbEdit whose read-only property is set to true. When I
> the 'Post' button of my tdbNavigator an exception is raised with
> "(Field name) is a required field".
> I can write some code to update the tdbEdit, but that defeats the
purpose of
> the auto-incrementing feature. Is there a property to be set, which
> automates this process?

Not too sure what you mean by a 'auto-incrementing integer'. If you
have setup your KeyLinks and GeneratorLinks properties correctly, IBO
will take care of all of this for you.

Have you setup an IB Generator?

Are you using GeneratorLinks? Syntax is: