Subject Re: GSG041. YES CASE.
Author Marco Menardi
--- In IBObjects@y..., Raymond Kennington <raymondk@c...> wrote:
> Can an IB_Query search be non-case-sensitive for a field that has both cases?

I think YES :) set the "Case insensitive" in the Query Editor, column attributes.

> If so, wouldn't this be much slower than creating an uppercase field (in a trigger) and
> placing an index on the uppercase field?

Yes, considerably, but you have it "quick and dirty", and for small tables is not an issue.

> If one creates an uppercase field for indexed searching, how does one display the
> mixed-case field for the user and search by the uppercase field?

If you have two fields
NAME (contains MiXeD case ;)
NAME_UC (the same UPPER)

in the column attribute of NAME specify "Case insensitive" and in the "upper case equivalent" property on it's right, put the name of the upper case field (NAME_UC).
This way you will work on NAME, but searches are performed upon NAME_UC, I suppose previous a inside uppercase conversion of what you entered in NAME search buffer (you could use SQLMonitor to be sure).
Marco Menardi

> (Will IB 1.5 have case-insensitive indexing?)
what is included in Alpha2 does not include case-insensitive indexing. I think it will be ready for 2.0... ;)

Marco Menardi