Subject Re: GSG031. Use of EditSQL, InsertSQL, DeleteSQL.
Author Marco Menardi
If you set Query property "RequestLIve" to true, and the select sql produces a dataset that is editable (i.e. no a join, IBO can find unique keys, and so on), IBO will automatically produce insert/delete/update sql "on the fly" for you, so you can edit the dataset without other components than the IB_Query.
If you have a simple case of join (so teh dataset would be no editable, since it's not know what table must be affected), you can specify the table on which the insert/delete/update must be done using the "KEyRelation" property, so IBO again will need no InsertSQL/EditSQL and DeleteSQL.
In the rare case when you have a situation that IBO can't figure out automatically (i.e. when stored procedures are involved for insert/update/delete), you can specify the related SQL command by hands, in the related property. This is real power!
Marco Menardi

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> Given (a) that there are actions for edit, insert and delete, why have EditSQL, InsertSQL
> and DeleteSQL properties for IB_Query and (b) none of the examples need these properties,
> when would they be needed?
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