Subject IB_Events
Author Ricardo Costa (OdontoTech)
D6 Ent
IBO 4.2.Fn
Firebird RC2


When I connect to my database through a LAN connection, there is no problem.
When I try through a dial-up or ADSL connection I have the following error:

"Cod. 335544721.
Unable to complete network request "Server".
Failed to stablish a secondary connection for event processing. Unknow Win32 error."

This error occurs when I do "SomeEvent.RegisterEvents;"
Then in procedure TIB_Events.API_Register of IB_Events.pas it stops at:

mov ecx, dword ptr [ii]
mov eax, dword ptr [bufptr]
push eax
add eax, IB_EventLength
loop @@1 <------- Stops Here. Then error occurs---->>>>>
push dword ptr [ii]
push dword ptr [resultBufPtr]
push dword ptr [eventBufPtr]
call [isc_event_block]

After this error it crashes firebird on server.

Does someone has any hint about this?
Thanks in advance for any direction.

Ricardo Costa
Agenda Digital Ltda
Florianópolis - SC
OdontoTech Sistemas Ltda
Fone 48 234 7713
Celular 48 9104 0263

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