Subject Re: [IBO] Blob-Error
Author Gerhard Knapp
hi helen and list,
mhm it doesn't work ..
if i take a TBMemo standard component and in the properties i add a standard-Datasource for IBOQuery (a TDatasource) then
i can read and write the field mail in the dbmemo, so i think, if the component can it, it will be possible also with
blobstream or TIB_Blobstream, mhm.

my tryings with with blobstream or TIB_Blobstream have no postive result,
no errormessage comes, but the memo is allways empty ...
dmx.q_mail.InternalDataset.Fields['MAIL'] -> doesn't work, comes: Word - String conflict,
in this case i have to know the field-#, ...fields[3] or so ..
dmx.q_mail.Internaldataset.fieldbyname('mail') works ... as you thought ..
my problem of TBMemo or Memo i can solve, but the principle possibility,
to save anything in a Blob-field (pictures, word-documents, htmlpages, sounds, etc.) and
get it back is not solved ...(can only realize with blobstreams)...
i use blob-fields for this all in my modules ..

your help let me go a step further, but i have to learn a lot of IBO ....

perhaps you see anything or have an idea about this ....

thank you and best regards
- gerhard

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