Subject Re: [IBO] Horizontal refinement in TIBOTable
Author TeamIBO
> Well, that's looking at it from one point of view. Developers who
> know what they are doing with the Delphi VCL design dependent tables
> so that primary and foreign key names match if they know they'll be
> implementing master/detail.

Its not quite that easy though is it - for example where there may be
multiple relationships between tables. There way be ways to work
around such problems, but your database design should not be
constrained by the client development environment in this way.

> The lesson isn't that Delphi forces you to use TTables for M/D but
> that Delphi forces you to understand the effects of your data design
> decisions, even right down to the names you give to things in your
> database...

IMO the lesson is that Delphi is still far from perfect.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing